The engineers at Fulgora Electrical have many years of experience in the electrical industry. They have each started their electrical career as an apprentice and have been taught many useful lessons along the way. Some of these lessons were passed down by their electrician’s before them and some lessons were simply learned by trial and error. We have now decided to share many of these lessons to the public in hope to not only help the next generation of electricians but to also show the public the way we carry out our work.

These videos are not pointed at the common DIY enthusiast but instead at young apprentices and electricians in the trade who may have escaped some of these useful tips & tricks which may make their working life not only easier but safer and more efficient.

Please take note that we do not take any responsibility for the choice of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) worn by the watcher of these videos or how they carry out the ‘Safe Isolation’ of the electrical circuits they are working on.